Asia has been gaining increasing attention of the international community and should play an important role in shaping and developing international law. The Colloquium provides a prime opportunity for scholars and practitioners to share their insights into the topical issues of international law in Asia and enhance the understanding of the international community for the common future of Asia.

Keynote Speeches on:

  • Importance of International Law and the Role of Asia in its Formulation
  • One Country Two Systems: 20 years of Experience and Way Forward
  • Regional Cooperation in Asia and International Rule of Law

The Colloquium will focus on the following topics:

  • One Country Two Systems: Interaction with International Law
  • Investment Collaboration - Opportunities & Challenges in Asia
  • Interpretation of Treaties and UNCLOS: The Regime of Islands, Rocks and Offshore Archipelagos

2017 Colloquium on International Law